When to go for spine surgery ?

Spine pain is the most common problem these days, every second person is suffering from spine pain that may be because of long working hours, having no physical activities and wrong sitting postures. Studies shows that regular exercise helps to get relief from back pain unless you have a serious spinal cord injury. Your doctor will suggest you to go for spine surgery only if you have tried all medical treatments for spine pain but don't get adequate results from that.

Reasons you need back surgery :
  1. A slipped disk that is not getting better on its own.
  2. Weakness and numbness in your arms and legs.
  3. Spinal Infection or fever because of back pain.
  4. A tumor on your spinal cord.
  5. Facing trouble in walking and moving your hands.
  6. A broken or dislocated bone in your back.
  7. Inability to control the urinary bladder or bowel function
  8. Back pain accompanied by fever, chills, night sweats, and weight loss.

If a person is experiencing low back pain or neck pain, then your doctor will suggest you to maintain good spine health by regular physical activities to see if the problem resolves, but if the problem is not resolved with the counter pain management treatment, then your doctor will suggest you to go for spine surgery. The patient with spine problem can be operated with stitchless laser spine surgery for a painless treatment.